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Northstar Autism Services

Northstar Autism Services is a program focused on providing high quality services to individuals with an autism diagnosis across the state of Georgia.  We offer intensive, research-based behavioral treatment for children and young adults up to age 21 years with autism spectrum disorder.  We provide comprehensive services to children and their families in their homes, schools and throughout the community. All services are evidence-based and grounded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to promote maximum independent for individuals we serve as well as the families that support them.


We are committed to supporting individuals and their families who may be pursuing an evaluation for autism or for those who are in need of intensive behavioral therapy.  From initial diagnosis to ongoing follow up care and consultation we strive to provide learning opportunities and a supportive environment to help every individual we serve reach their full potential.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Overview:  Northstar Psychological Services uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an established and effective intervention for the treatment of Autism.  ABA is a science based on basic principles of behavior and established from decades of research.  ABA is endorsed by the American Medical Association and the United States Surgeon General. 


  • We use evidence-based interventions that result in meaningful improvements in the areas of your child’s life that are most important to you, including:
    • Increasing functional communication
    • Increasing social interaction and play skills
    • Decreasing behaviors that make it difficult for your child to participate in daily activities at home, school, or in the community.
  • Goals are implemented in an environment that is natural for your child, usually the home or community, with a strong focus on training parents and others who interact with your child so any skills that are taught will be generalized and maintained beyond ABA Therapy sessions.
  • We aim to create a positive and therapeutic environment where your child is motivated to learn and achieve his or her full potential.


Program Highlights: 

  • Each program is unique and designed to meet your child’s individualized needs.
  • Your child’s team will consist of highly trained, dedicated, and passionate clinical staff whose priority is to provide effective services that produce clear results in areas that are important to you.
  • Results will be clear in the data that is frequently collected, reviewed, and shared with all team members, so quick decisions can be made to ensure desired changes are occurring.
  • All members of your child’s team, including parents, line staff, and supervising consultants will have frequent access to tailored training that is aimed to directly benefit your child.



  • Teams are led by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians provide direct intensive service.
  • Initial Treatment Plans are developed after parent interviews, direct assessment, and observation of the child in their home setting.
  • One-on-one treatment in the home or community with multiple sessions per week.
  • Strong focus on parent involvement with a minimum of 2 meetings per month.
  • Ongoing monthly program evaluation and training, ensuring that timely decisions are made according to your child’s data, and modifications made to the program are communicated and modeled for all team members.



To move forward with services, click the “Get Started” Button below.  If you have questions, please email: npsautismservices@npsga.com
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