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Couples Counseling

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What is Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is therapy that addresses the specific issues that couples in intimate relationships often experience. As with family counseling, couples counseling emphasizes the fact that individual issues and problems can impact relationship functioning, and vice versa. Some common problems that individuals encounter within their relationship are communication issues, intimacy issues, how to build and maintain a strong relationship, and issues of forgiveness. 

The goals of couples counseling are to improve the quality of the couple’s relationship, to address the problems that occur within intimate relationships and interpersonal relationships, to address interpersonal dysfunction that can occur between couples, and to provide your relationship with effective and constructive coping mechanisms for dealing daily problems. 

At NPS, our skilled clinicians will work to help you to identify the problematic areas within your relationship. We will then provide you with guidance and assistance with learning new and more effective ways of functioning. We will provide you with the tools necessary not only to fix your existing issues, but also to successfully cope with and work through any problems that may arise with your relationship in the future.

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